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Studio sessions are always a great way to photograph your little one and not have to worry about time of day, and allows for a clean and simple look! Handsome little Ollie (Oliver) just turned ONE and was having a big Brown Bear first birthday party! If you are familiar with any of the Eric Carl books you know they are filled with bright bold colors and fun characters. Mom wanted some incorporate those bright primary colors into his 1 yr session, and I love how it turned out! Mom even brought this fun bright red piano that he loves to play with at home. Once it was time for the cake Ollie was all in! He had the biggest grin on his face and just loved smashing his Brown Bear cake! The cake was perfect for this session! Ever since I started cake smashes my friend Sherry at Cakelicious AZ has always been my go-to smash cake baker so if you are in the Phoenix area please make sure to check her out!!

I have so many favorites from Ollie’s 1 yr cake smash he sure was as cute as they come!!



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I was sitting here about to blog another session when I realized I never blogged Baby Brady’s newborn session!! I don’t know how I spaced it but I totally did. If you remember my post from Brady’s Fresh 48 session, you would remember this adorable little face. Mom Natalie was totally making me nervous days leading up to Brady’s session. Saying he was fussy and not sure how he was going to do for his newborn session. Well when I got there it did take him a bit to get full enough but once I swaddled him up he was out like a light!! We got some adorable shots of him swaddled up like a little bear then he continued to be a good boy for me throughout the session. Brady is a month old now so just shows long bad I am about posting this but he is getting cuter by the day!! I can’t wait to see this guy again!!


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It’s like not even fair how how gorgeous this family is. Little Ella was the sweetest thing for her 1 yr session!! We had a beautiful location and their outfits, floral crowns, props and even the cake was all on point and worked together so well! Every little detail was brought by mom so I can’t take credit for it! This family was so sweet and so fun to work with! Ella totally got into her cake and made the session so much better! Let me tell you, when you are doing a 1 yr cake smash the whole time you are hoping they do a face plant and put their whole face in the cake and she totally did it!! I sometimes even squeal when they do it cause its so darn cute and funny!! I hope this family loves these photos as much as I do! They should even blow one up in their house cause they need to show off their beautiful family!




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I have been lucky enough to photograph some STUNNING mama’s lately!! Shannon (how funny we have the same name) was so exception! As much as a love photographing families with mama and a new baby on the way. It’s nice sometimes to just relax and have a intimate session you and the new mama. A lot less stress and worrying about certain poses, time with just you and mama, allows you to really appreciate her beauty as she gets ready make a life into this world. Shannon was so easy and great to worth with! She had all the glows that comes with motherhood! If you asked her she would probably say it was sweat since we were in the AZ summer heat, but I assure you it was her beauty!

In a fun turn of events, just yesterday Shannon welcomed her sweet baby girl Olivia!! Miss Olivia came a whole 3 weeks early and was eager to enter this world. Her newborn session is scheduled and I cant’ wait to snuggle her and share her photos!!

Red & Maroon Dress from Jazzy Vintage Couture


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I’ve been waiting for this day for days, months, years. The day my stunning sister-in-law MacKenzie would be expecting her first bundle of joy. Mac is so amazing inside and out to say the least. Pregnancy truly has brought out not only a glow, but a radiation of beauty in her. My photography buddy Ace Fanning of Ace Fanning Photography has been wanting to style a maternity shoot for a while and when he new Mac was pregnant, he and I knew she would be a perfect muse for him to style and model! I have been following his work for years and always loved his style and his ability to act like a total crazy person but he is the most genuine guy I know with the biggest heart!! He killed it with the styling and his fiancé Katelyn did a stunning job on Mac’s hair and makeup! I only really wanted to come and tag along and just hang out when he invited me to the shoot, but of course I couldn’t not pick up my camera and capture some of my own images of this beauty glammed out in the desert! I am pretty sure we were laughing the majority of the shoot, singing to some music and some other actions on Ace’s part I rather not mention but its truly about letting loose and having fun is when you get the best shots!

The desert is one of my favorite locations to shoot so I am soo glad I got to shoot Mac along side one of the best. Thanks for having me Ace!

And here is some of my favorites from her shoot and the first of a few blog posts with this beautiful mama!!!







Got to love some behind the scenes!! Ace & Katelyn working their magic and Ace & I laying on the desert ground shooting “silhouettes at midnight” haha (inside joke)


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