Jefferson & Jackson Twins | Phoenix Twin Newborn Infant Baby Photographer

It’s been a minute since I blogged last, not going to lie I don’t blog as much as I should!! But I couldn’t not share some of my favorite images from the twin newborn boy session with Jefferson & Jackson! I had been talking to their mom Elizabeth back when she was around 20 weeks before she even found out she was having boys! At the time it was my first twin session I had booked! I was soooo over the moon excited I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them! Since first talking with her I was lucky enough to photograph a couple other sets of twins so it was great practice for me! I loved every second with these little guys. I couldn’t have done this session with out my assistant Lizzy! She was amazing help for me. We took care of the boys probably too good cause mom and dad even snuck in a little nap session while we were working with the boys, but I don’t blame her!

Again, can’t say enough with how good these boys were they just needed 1 little feeding break and we were done in just a couple hours! I can’t wait to get my hands on another set of twins!



Kyle & Christy Maternity | Phoenix Maternity Photographer

I knew from when the first time I talked to Christy that I was going to have a vision for her maternity session.  Christy is gorgeous and a has a certain light about her that is always shining. Kyle and Christy have been through a lot in the past year. Christy lost her brother almost a year ago and her and her family are still grieving his loss. But with everyday she continues to keep her faith in God and is at peace knowing he is with Him. Just shortly after her brother’s passing, Christy found out she was pregnant. It’s nothing short of amazing to think that this beautiful baby boy that is going to enter this world is blessed by her brother. Its crazy to think that the ending of one life can lead to the beginning of another but its so true. This baby boy is going to be named Cruz which is Portuguese for “Cross”. Which is such a fitting name for this little angel baby since our Lord and Savior sacrificed his life on the cross so that we can have eternal life.

I met this stunning mama at one of my favorite locations in Phoenix and was blown away at how great she looked! That dress, the headpiece, and location just all fit together. We had so much fun even though it was a little sticky out due to the monsoon weather. I had so many favorites from their session it was hard to pick a few to blog. Little Cruz would be making his entrance in the next few weeks and I soooo can’t wait to see this little cutie!!

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” – James 1:17


Baby Hayley | Phoenix Baby Infant Newborn Photography

Little miss Hayley was as cute as a button for her newborn session. Her mommy & daddy  Greg & Stephanie were keeping her sex as a surprise for when she arrived so they were over the moon happy when they found out it was a girl! She was so great for me she did awake up just for a little bit then went right back to sleep!  I loved cuddling with this sweet little princess!


Letter to my daughter….

Dear Aubrey,

Somehow life is going by way to fast. Whether it’s just the stresses of everyday life, my work, or daddies husbands work. Life literally happens in a blink. That may sound pretty cliche but it’s the truth. I have been meaning to write this (very sad to say) months ago when you turned two in March. Well it’s July and I am finally writing it and I’m really not much a writer at all. But I know that one day I would like you to go back and see exactly where mommies head was at, at the peak of your two’s. I would be lying if I said you were a “easy” child. From the first few days of you being born I knew I was going to have my hands full. You were a colicky baby, a horrible teether and just super independent. You achieved a lot of things early like crawling at 5 months and walking at 9 months. But thats you, stubborn and relentless to figure things out on your own. I am completely biased obviously by saying you are beautiful  but you really are. I just stare at you all the time amazed by what a perfect child of God you are and how our creator made you so perfect.

Aubrey , you are very smart and just within the past few months your speech has gotten a lot more clearer and talking in almost full sentences. You know almost all of the alphabet and can almost (with mommies help) count to 10 on your hands. You make me so proud but you for sure have your moments. The moments when if I hear the words “mommy,mommy, mommy!!” one more time I’m going to go crazy. Since I’m pretty much a stay at home mom, you require my attention 24/7. You have every toy you could imagine but nothing makes you happier then me chasing you around the house or tickling all your little tickle spots. There is never a dull moment with you. Even when you have volcano size tantrums in the house, in the car, at the store you name it. You are the most fun we have ever had and you make  mommy and daddy better people for just being you. You have brought out so many strengthens and weaknesses in your daddy and I. Some of which makes us fight, some make us want to lock ourselves in a closet and some we just have to remember to turn to Christ for the answers and try to find complete peace in him.

Everyone calls it the “Terrible Two’s”. Well they really aren’t so terrible. You have enough personality and energy to all of us to stay busy. You love your puppies and you love Mimi’s horses. I’m pretty sure Mimi is going to love it if you started riding horses just like her and aunt Mackie. You are doing phenomenal in your swim lessons with Andrew. You are fearless and can’t get enough of the pool and is going to be a little fish like mommy and be jumping off the diving board at a year or two!! You’re the pickiest eater known to man. You like one thing one minute and not the next. I can never get you to sit down and have a full meal cause your too busy snacking all day and wanting “cicles” But these just one of those bizarre things that makes you so…”you”.

One word I would use to describe your personality? Spirited. You are always on the go, always wanting to play, go swimming, watch Mickey you name it. I can never get you to take nap for the life of me (unless you happen to fall asleep in the car when we are out running errands) You (usually) always have a smile on your face and love other people and love learning about anything new. No longer my baby, but thankfully you still love our cuddle time. I love how when it’s time for bed you tell me where you want me to rub. Like your back, head or tummy you always tell me where and it puts you right to sleep.

Just like how you entered this world, your two year old photos didn’t go as planned. We had to do your photos 2 different days because lets face it, your two and don’t always want to listen to mommy. The first shoot it was you, me and daddy and we went to my favorite flower field and I envisioned a perfect “Pinterest” type shoot with gorgeous flowers, golden light and my beautiful little girl in her pink sequin dress, sequin cowgirl boots and her rocking horse. Well you wanted nothing to do with me and would only smile for daddy. We were able to capture your beautiful smile just didn’t get as many shots as I would hoping. Then after you threw your stuffed animal horse on the ground and wanted your boots off I knew we were done.


The second session we did I had to invited the company of our friend Nicole cause she doesn’t mind making a complete fool of herself just to get you to laugh. Don’t get me wrong I make you laugh all the time but sometimes its a little harder to make you laugh and make funny noises and to take a photo at the same time. We had this perfect outfit planned out and the perfect location but of course it was cloudy out and we had to bribe you with candy and suckers. Thus, the sucker in a couple of the photos. But thats ok. Any sucker that can get you to smile your best smile is fine with me!!


Ugh your baby blue eyes always kill me, they are so beautiful!!

Since I said I was very late on writing this, here is some other fun photos your mommy has been able to capture of you in the past few months!


Oh you know just some cute Easter themed photo’s:)All you wanted to do was drink the gatorade out of the mason jar!


That time when I thought it would be cute to get summer pics of you with the fun Lemonade stand:)


That first day we started potty training and you got confused where the “undies” go;)


The night before you turned 2 and we had a bubble party in the tub!


You know its hot here in the summer when your in the pool and you still need to drink of the hose!!


Splashing around at your cousin Haiden’s 1st bday party!IMG_9247

Family pic at your 2nd bday!!


With Mimi’s horses:)IMG_3695

Bubble fun on the 4th of July!!

You challenge us every. single. day. And we love you for it. And for all that you are in our lives, thank you.

Hamby Family & Stella 6 months | Phoenix Family Photographer

How cute is this little family?! I first got to photograph little Stella at her newborn session and I knew right off the bat parents Jake and Lauren were going to be blessed with a easy, sweet and adorable baby girl!! It was great catching up with them as Stella turned 6 months old! I can’t believe how big and blump she got! She was such a tiny little baby! She was still as cute as can be and didn’t disappoint with her gummy sweet little smile and bubbly personality! I can’t wait to see how she continues to grow! She is just a sweet pea! Thanks Hamby family for a great session!!