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Phoenix Child Photography Session | Bree & Luke Green Wash Session

I was so excited to do this child session of Bree and Luke at one of my favorite washes in sunny Phoenix! Believe it or not but Bree is in the same class and my daughter Aubrey and her real name is actually Aubrey as well, AND they have the same birthday! Hoe funny is that! Her mom contacted me wanting to squeeze in some 4 year old photos before one of her teeth fell out. Brother Luke also tagged along and we were able to get some very sweet photos of the two of them together! This wash in Phoenix is seriously one of my favorite to photograph. It is always changing but no matter what time of year the lighting is always amazing and you would never guess you were in Arizona! Bree looked nothing short of a princess in this stunning Dollcake Vintage Dress! It was perfect for her. She loved to dance, twirl , and be totally carefree as a 4 year old should be!!




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Cake Smash Photographer | Andrei’s Monkey 1 year session

We don’t monkey around when it comes to cake smashes!  I loved this monkey theme for Andrei’s 1 year session in my studio in Phoenix!! The bright greens and blues with touch of brown worked perfectly for his studio cake smash set up! Mom brought the adorable banners and monkey that we hung in the back ground and it was the perfect touch! Andrei took some warming up but after a while he gave me some huge big smiles! He loved playing with the chair and stool as he was standing on them. He wasn’t quite walking yet so you could tell he liked to stand up on things. When it was time for the cake smash, we brought out a darling monkey cake maybe by the always amazing Cakelicious AZ! It took some bribing and a  lot of patience to get Andrei to seem interested in the cake, but it didn’t get us too far. Some kiddos just are not a huge fan of the cake, and that is totally ok! But boy do they know what they are missing out on! I wish I could say I ate his left overs but since the first moment he sat down, he knocked the cake over and made a good mess even though he really didn’t “eat” any of it!! I still love this session even though we didn’t get a huge smash out of the cake!



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I love little girls with huge personalities!! Little Adelyn was so fun for her 1 year session with me! She gave the best little smiles and we laughed and played the whole time! Her parents did such a great job with the outfits and their ideas for her decor and cake!! The cake looked beautiful topped with a fun gold glitter “One” topper and fresh peach flowers to match her peach outfit!

Adelyn didn’t take long to dig right into her cake. She actually thought the cake would taste better in her lap and continued to pull the cake and the stand down! She loved every bit of the cake and was so cute doing it! After her cake smash we thought it would be a perfect time to have a little milk bath session. We put some of the remaining flowers in the little tub and let her splash around! I am not sure how but after she smashed her cake she must of still been hungry cause she tried to eat the flowers too! It was such a pretty and fun session, I really loved getting to photograph such a little sweetheart!



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Baby Duke was as snuggley as can be! I was so happy to see him cause I got to photograph his big brother Hunter! It’s always the biggest compliment when families come back to be when they welcome a new baby into their life! I always ask my clients ahead of time what colors and looks they are wanting for the babies session. Mom told me she wanted simple shots with neutrals and blues. I always have the studio prepped and ready when baby comes and all the outfits and props ready to go. When they got there dad whipped out all his ASU gear and was ready to do a repeat shot of Duke with his helmet just like we did for Hunter. They’re huge ASU fans so who am I do turn down a shot for dad? I am all about making my clients happy, so I am happy I had my golden wrap ready and I wrapped up Duke super cute and got the shot that means so much to dad. He even brought a ASU beanie that was that same one we used with Hunter’s session. Either way, Duke was amazing throughout the whole session and we made both mom and dad happy and that’s that matters to me 🙂


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Nothing says beauty like a gorgeous mama in a green field with a maternity gown and a perfect round belly!! My dear friend Megan is getting ready to welcome her 3rd baby into the world in just a few weeks!! This will make boy #2 for her and their family! This baby came as a surprise but I know she couldn’t be more excited! Although this location couldn’t look more perfect, the whole time we were shooting we were being eaten alive with mosquitos! That’s one thing about Arizona is with the green come the bugs! We have had lots of rain in the past few weeks which has made these lush green washes come to life but the bugs are something that totally make these spots hard!

Megan braved all the bugs and in between swatting them away from our faces, we made some gorgeous photos happen! She totally rocked these plum and eggplant gowns from Jazzy Vintage Couture! You would never guess that just in a few short weeks, her new little man Cullen will be here! I am so excited to meet him and snuggle him!



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