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What to Wear


Here in Arizona it pretty safe to say we are lucky to be able to wear fun clothing year-round and as we are heating up and the question I get asked a lot from our clients is what should I wear? (The #1 question is “Where should we shoot?”, but that’s a separate post altogether!)

I’ve put together a board on our Pinterest page that is meant to give you a starting point for how to decide what everyone will wear during your photoshoot. But first, a few general rules of thumb:

1. Wear what’s comfortable for your body.

Being comfortable in what you’re wearing will have a huge positive impact on how happy you look in your photos. The same is true of the reverse. If you don’t feel like the bombshell you most certainly are, the camera doesn’t lie. There’s ALWAYS at least one outfit that puts that bounce in your step when you wear it – consider wearing that, or something similar!

2. Wear something that reflects who you are.

You want to be able to look back on your family photos and recognize yourself. Wear something that you would wear even on days that you aren’t scheduled for a photoshoot. So while you’re bound to be tempted to get super-dolled up for your shoot, just remember to wear what you love. Easy!

3. Don’t match – coordinate!

This may be my own personal preference, but I prefer that our clients don’t do the matchy thing. I do admit, that when I see photos of the family of 8 all dressed in white polos and khakis, I smile. But what we really want to accomplish at your photoshoot is a look that says “Check out my family! We love each other so much and we’re a really fun bunch! We were simply having a great time together and didn’t notice that there were any photographers around taking pictures of us at all!” Matching outfits scream “planned” and we want to capture the natural beauty that’s already there. Coordinated outfits are lovely and is best accomplished by choosing a color palette and varying the shades. Using pops of bright colors against neutrals is a great look, too.

4. Use pops of bright colors.

With outdoor photo sessions, the backdrop will usually consist of a blue sky, green grass, you get the picture. Aside from finding interesting locations for your session, the easiest way to make your photo shoot uniquely yours is to use color. I especially love the use of bright – almost neon (I said almost!) – to break up the neutral tones that are found in every outdoor session location. The fact that brights, such as fuschia or bright blue (my personal fave), are found in nature only in exotic flowers make you really stand out as the primary subject of the photo. Just think about how easily your eye is drawn to a bright flower against a vast field of green:

5. For the ladies: if you must have photos in your favorite heels, bring flats.

We’re out there for a litte over a hour, sometimes walking long stretches to find good lighting. Bring flats for those in-between periods so that your mood isn’t soured by sore feet!

6. Accessorize!

One of the reasons I adore fall shoots is because there are so many ways to spice up your outfits. Scarves, hats, cardigans, boots, and beanies! It also give us so many easy ways to add variety to a photo. Just by taking off or putting on a layer, we can change the look entirely, resulting in a more diverse set of images at completion. Spring and summer also can bring out fun accessories like a chunky necklace or bracelts.