I love little girls with huge personalities!! Little Adelyn was so fun for her 1 year session with me! She gave the best little smiles and we laughed and played the whole time! Her parents did such a great job with the outfits and their ideas for her decor and cake!! The cake looked beautiful topped with a fun gold glitter “One” topper and fresh peach flowers to match her peach outfit!

Adelyn didn’t take long to dig right into her cake. She actually thought the cake would taste better in her lap and continued to pull the cake and the stand down! She loved every bit of the cake and was so cute doing it! After her cake smash we thought it would be a perfect time to have a little milk bath session. We put some of the remaining flowers in the little tub and let her splash around! I am not sure how but after she smashed her cake she must of still been hungry cause she tried to eat the flowers too! It was such a pretty and fun session, I really loved getting to photograph such a little sweetheart!