Baby Duke was as snuggley as can be! I was so happy to see him cause I got to photograph his big brother Hunter! It’s always the biggest compliment when families come back to be when they welcome a new baby into their life! I always ask my clients ahead of time what colors and looks they are wanting for the babies session. Mom told me she wanted simple shots with neutrals and blues. I always have the studio prepped and ready when baby comes and all the outfits and props ready to go. When they got there dad whipped out all his ASU gear and was ready to do a repeat shot of Duke with his helmet just like we did for Hunter. They’re huge ASU fans so who am I do turn down a shot for dad? I am all about making my clients happy, so I am happy I had my golden wrap ready and I wrapped up Duke super cute and got the shot that means so much to dad. He even brought a ASU beanie that was that same one we used with Hunter’s session. Either way, Duke was amazing throughout the whole session and we made both mom and dad happy and that’s that matters to me 🙂