Newborn photography is one of my absolute favorites to photograph. I love being able to capture God’s most divine creation and all their little features. Most of my newborn sessions take place indoors in a control studio environment. But for as long as I lived in my house and photographed newborns I always wanted to venture outdoors with these beautiful babies but just never really had the landscape available to do it. I have always been inspired by the amazing Susan Scott and all her stunning outdoor newborn sessions she captures! For the last few weeks every time I walked my sidewalk to my mailbox I would look at this little bush in my neighbors yard and keep thinking to myself how amazing a sweet new baby girl would look among these pretty white flowers!! After asking a few clients to do some newborn shots in these bushes, no one seemed to be wanting to jump the gun and want to do it. With the temps here in AZ heating up I knew I only had a little bit more time to photograph a beautiful baby here before it got way to hot and these plants and flowers would die and not look as pretty. I finally asked the favor of a friend to bring her new 1 week old baby girl Logann over to my house as a “model” for me to finally execute the idea thats been in my head for months. We totally sat in the heat baking while sweet little Logan is nestled in a bucket in the shade gathered around the pretty white flowers!! I am soo happy with the result and she was the perfect baby throughout the whole process! Doing a newborn session outdoors is for sure more work for everyone but I am so excited to play around and shoot another outdoor newborn session!


Here is a little behind the scenes captured by mama. You can see just how small this random little bush is that Logann was laying in. Just goes to show you don’t need a huge space to make something beautiful 🙂