Cinderella Theme Cake Smash | Makenna 1 year old

Sweet Makenna just turned 1 year old! It’s amazing how fast time flies! If you remember Makenna’s newborn session, you can check it out here. This sweet little girl is my neighbor’s daughter, so I have been lucky enough to watch her grow up close to me. When her mom told me she wanted to do a Cinderella Theme Cake Smash I was beyond excited! Cinderella is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time!! We had so much fun with all the decorations and outfits. Makenna definetly looks good in blues!

We did some adorable shots in the new refinished rocking horse I had made then got into her cake. She was a little apprehensive as first and needed some encouragement but she did eventually start to play with it. After she made a decent dent into her cake we brought out the bath tub for some super cute bath up photos with Mr. Squeak and some bubbles!

Photographing cake smashes are probably my favorite along with newborn sessions. If you are in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and looking to book a cake smash session, I am now taking bookings for 2018 so its never too soon to book your child’s 1 year session!