Colorful 1 year Cake Smash Photography | Emmi’s 1 year Cake Smash


I have been lagging on the blogging, but it has been for a good reason. Life and sessions have been super swamped and I am trying to stay caught up and much as possible. I wanted to get back on track with blogging starting with my niece Emmi’s 1 year cake smash! I love the colorful and bright colors we used for her 1 year cake smash in my Phoenix studio. All the colors and golds tied together so well and topping it off was a adorable cake from Lisa’s Sweets and Treats!  Emmi loved every part of her cake and even did the classic face first numerous times. It’s always a highlight of any cake smash when a babies nose dives right into the cake. Her facial expression’s are hysterical and even though she didn’t crack any smiles, she still is the cutest little niece I could ask for and love her to pieces!

Happy First Birthday Emerson!!!