I’ve been waiting for this day for days, months, years. The day my stunning sister-in-law MacKenzie would be expecting her first bundle of joy. Mac is so amazing inside and out to say the least. Pregnancy truly has brought out not only a glow, but a radiation of beauty in her. My photography buddy Ace Fanning of Ace Fanning Photography has been wanting to style a maternity shoot for a while and when he new Mac was pregnant, he and I knew she would be a perfect muse for him to style and model! I have been following his work for years and always loved his style and his ability to act like a total crazy person but he is the most genuine guy I know with the biggest heart!! He killed it with the styling and his fiancé Katelyn did a stunning job on Mac’s hair and makeup! I only really wanted to come and tag along and just hang out when he invited me to the shoot, but of course I couldn’t not pick up my camera and capture some of my own images of this beauty glammed out in the desert! I am pretty sure we were laughing the majority of the shoot, singing to some music and some other actions on Ace’s part I rather not mention but its truly about letting loose and having fun is when you get the best shots!

The desert is one of my favorite locations to shoot so I am soo glad I got to shoot Mac along side one of the best. Thanks for having me Ace!

And here is some of my favorites from her shoot and the first of a few blog posts with this beautiful mama!!!





Got to love some behind the scenes!! Ace & Katelyn working their magic and Ace & I laying on the desert ground shooting “silhouettes at midnight” haha (inside joke)