I always do a round of mini sessions in the fall so families can do a short but sweet session with their loved ones! This year I got booked up so fast I barely had time to sketch out time to offer these! I usually always get repeat client for the mini sessions but thats totally ok with me cause I loved seeing these familes every year!

I was back and one of my favorite locations in Scottsdale for my mini sessions! First up was the Livingston family! I haven’t photographed them since my Valentines day mini sessions so it was great to see them again. Brylie is getting so big is and 2 yrs old now!




¬†Next up was the McNeil family! They were at my mini’s last year and its crazy how much these kiddos grew in a year! Conner is almost as tall as his dad!



When I usually see the Abril family it’s normal just Daniel, Jessica and their girls Ava and Mia. But this time Jessica told me her parents and sisters were going to join the party! It was great meeting the rest of her family and LOVED their outfit choices! Everyone looked amazing and the colors looked perfect for my location!



Last but not least is the Bishop family!! I haven’t seen them in almost a year when we did little Bradley’s newborn session! He is such a cutie I loved seeing how much he has grown! Little Kendal is still as adorable as always and never dissappoints with her big killer smile!