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Laguna Beach Maternity | Sean & Shannon Beach Maternity

Shannon and Sean are no stranger to my blog. I have been lucky enough to know Shannon and her adorable family for years! I couldn’t be more excited for them as they finally get ready to welcome a baby girl into the world. It’s kind of a funny story, but when we did Shannon’s maternity session with Cameron she was due in August. This means our maternity session was done in the middle of the dry 100 + degree heat of the Arizona summer, which if any one of you know is no fun for anyone! Shannon swore up and down and wouldn’t never had a baby in the summer again and have to endure another hot and sweaty session. Fast forward to her now pregnancy with baby Mackenzie who whether mom likes it or not, has the EXACT same due date as Cameron. What are the odds!! Apparently she is a really good ovulater at the time same of year! Knowing how miserable Shannon was at her maternity session with Cam, I opted to offer her a beautiful beach session as I was traveling to Newport for the Belly, Baby and Beyond Conference. Shannon didn’t hesitate to jump on this opportunity with me! Although she isn’t as far along as when we did Cam’s, everyone knows you show more with you second baby so it wasn’t a issue at all!

We met at the gorgeous Sun and Fun Beach in Laguna and couldn’t have picked a more perfect location!!! The beach, rocks and the weather was unbeatable. Shannon looked killer in her pink lace Fillyboo maternity gown and the boys looked dapper as always. It was such a beautiful moment with them as they made some lasting memories with the sand beneath their toes and a sweet baby girl in her belly.