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Scottsdale Family Photography | Bills Family

It’s not very often I get a family come from out of state just to do a session with me!! Well they actually came for the Christmas holiday season and to visit family. But still they wanted to take advantage of their time here and schedule a family session! The Bills family currently live in Georgia so I was so happy to give them a Georgia-like setting for their family session! Their daughter Blake was so beyond adorable and gave me so many happy smiles and laughs! The weather was perfect and so was this family! Being a Scottsdale family photographer, I am trying to make it my goal this year to shoot in new and fun locations to give my clients a little more variety! Arizona has a funny way of giving us “fall” in December and January but we will take it! The yellow and gold leaves and flowing river was the most picturesque location for this amazing family! I hope they come visit and see me again soon!