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Meeting your baby girl for the first time, can be magical but yet hectic at the same time. So many people coming in and out checking on you and your baby then just family visiting and not really letting you rest. It’s a lot and can make you leave in a blur like you don’t really know where the time went. All these little moment pass by so quickly but here is your new bundle just precious and perfect. Baby Dylan was as sweet as they come. She had just perfect skin and already sooo loved. Her big brother couldn’t keep his hands off her and I know will do whatever he can to protect her.

This family just exuded so much love and gratitude it was so beautiful to see how much love they have for her baby girl. Fresh 48 sessions are the perfect way to capture all those little moments like her soft blankets, tiny toes and hospital room vibes surrounded by love so that when you leave the blur you might feel can easily disappear !