Scottsdale Hospital Photographer | Fresh 48 Nora

Nothing brings more joy then adding a fresh baby into the world! This hospital fresh 48 session reminded me the importance of siblings and family. It also reminded me how fast time flies, and how much we need to appreciate the time we spend together, because trust me, it moves quicker than we think!! I got to photograph the Knutson families Fresh 48 session at the popular Honor Health Hospital in Scottsdale! Liam is just a baby himself at 18 months so I don’t really think he knew when to expect when he first met his little sister Nora. Momma Angela is a amazingly talented photographer herself at Lights Camera Love Photography, so it was a total blessing to be able to photograph this moment for her! If anyone knows that its like to be a mom and a photographer and wanting to be able to capture all those special first moments, its me!

I am sure if you asked Angela in the moment when I was there it probably seemed a little chaotic for her. Having her first son met her baby girl is a big deal and of course you want him to love all over her and be intrigued by her. But Fresh 48 sessions have a way of making you look back and cherish all the little special moments that did happen that you probably didn’t notice. It took lots of hospital crackers and bribes to get Liam interested in baby Nora but in the end it will be a funny story this family can tell for a long time!