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I am BACK people! I am a little embarrassed how long its been since I have blogged a session. It’s been months! That for sure is not good for SEO and website building! Things have just been soooo nuts I haven’t even had time to think about it. We moved our home in Jan – March. Then just trying to get life adjusted to that. Then this June I moved my Phoenix studio to a new location in Scottsdale, where I share the space with the crazy talented Little Lullaby Photography! Its been months to get everything situated how we want it and looking beautiful. I have been busy as ever with sessions as well and just trying to keep up!!

Baby Beckham was one of the first sessions I had in the new studio!! He was just the most handsome little man and had a beautiful mom and dad to that!! He didn’t make a peep his whole session! His mom wanted lots of neutral earthy tones and I just loved it!! I have already seen some of the photos up in their home and it looks so perfect!!! I am going to try to make a better habit of blogging more so someone keep me accountable and call me out 🙂 Enjoy the rest of his perfect session!!!