I have been lucky enough to photograph some STUNNING mama’s lately!! Shannon (how funny we have the same name) was so exception! As much as a love photographing families with mama and a new baby on the way. It’s nice sometimes to just relax and have a intimate session you and the new mama. A lot less stress and worrying about certain poses, time with just you and mama, allows you to really appreciate her beauty as she gets ready make a life into this world. Shannon was so easy and great to worth with! She had all the glows that comes with motherhood! If you asked her she would probably say it was sweat since we were in the AZ summer heat, but I assure you it was her beauty!

In a fun turn of events,¬†just yesterday Shannon welcomed her sweet baby girl Olivia!! Miss Olivia came a whole 3 weeks early and was eager to enter this world. Her newborn session is scheduled and I cant’ wait to snuggle her and share her photos!!

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