The Studio | Home of Shannon Lee Photography


This Phoenix studio has been along time coming. Back when I started my photography journey 5 years ago, I knew that a studio of my own was my ultimate goal. After being 5 years into my business, I have gone through lots of ups and downs just like any business. When I first started I was traveling to my clients and doing in-home lifestyle sessions. A year or two in, I realized its was way more convenient and easier for me to have clients come to my home. So my mock up home studio would consist of me making sure the whole house was clean and presentable ( which when you have a toddler and 2 dogs it wasn’t always easy), getting everyone out of the house, and keeping my dogs out of the picture for several hours. It was stressful on many levels but I made it work.

Fast forward to another year when I was pregnant and gave birth to my daughter Ashlyn. Having a home studio no longer really worked cause my mom would come and babysit since I had all the baby gear at my house, so I was back traveling again. Traveling was stressful in its own way as well. I had to spend a extra 30 min loading up the truck with all my set ups, props, lighting and gear. Extra 30 min drive time to the clients home. Sometimes shorter sometimes longer depending on location. The another 30 min set up in clients home. So around 1-2 hours of just prep AND travel before I even pick up the camera to take a photo, and of course I had to do that all again to go home.

I had a dream of a studio when I started and I wasn’t going to let it go. After attending the Blossom Workshop which I blogged about, I was determined to find my perfect space!! I looked at several locations before this space caught my eye. It had lots of potential but just needed a lot of love. It was the perfect amount of space and had a great flow to it so that was perfect for me. It was nothing a little paint and new flooring couldn’t fix. I got the keys and moved in August of last year! It was hard moving in at the busiest time of the year. I was so determined to get in there and so sessions but I knew it would take time to make it perfect, functional and 100% me!

I still have some minor things that need to be worked on like new baseboards, blinds and tackling the prop room, but I am LOVING how it is all coming together! I can’t tell you how rewarding it is every time I step into my place knowing I achieved this goal I set 5 years ago. I can’t wait to see what 2017  brings for my photography and my studio!

Here are some photos of my space!!



This is my parent lounge/ waiting area! I love being able to have comfortable but cute furniture for my clients to relax in. I also have a full changing table for the babies, complete with wipes, diapers, hand sanitizer, diaper rash cream, products for mom, a nursing pillow and a nursing cover. A TV with Blu Ray is also available for the little ones and siblings along with some toys in the cubbies for their entertainment.


My shooting space is light and bright! Even though I mainly use studio light, it’s so nice to have pretty natural light when clients arrive. I love my gallery wall and bench for clients to sit in and enjoy watching their little one. I have wall to wall sheers which diffuses the pretty natural light. A custom wood wall and floor backdrop sits at the other side of the room with my seamless paper rolls. What studio is complete without a wall of pretties for my newborns. I am still working on another display but I love having all my pretty little girl outfits and headbands displayed for clients to see and love.